Council Tax discounts

Did you know there are council tax discounts available for special circumstances. Please read below and let friends and neighbours know about this if you think it could apply to them.

Homes which include someone with severe physical disabilities could be eligible for reductions and carers may also be excluded when calculating council tax depending on the circumstances.

Care leavers under 25 who pay council tax or who live with someone who pays council tax are able to reduce the amount they pay by applying for a discretionary reduction.

People living with dementia and those who care for people with a severe mental impairment, such as Alzheimer’s, may also be eligible for a discount or exemption.

Students are also exempt from paying council tax, while those aged over 18 who are the sole resident in a property are entitled to a 25 per cent single occupier discount.

Universal Credit claimants are reminded that they need to make a separate claim to Durham County Council if they are having difficulty paying council tax, as this isn’t included in the housing costs element of the new Universal Credit system.

To find out more about the range of council tax discounts and exemptions available, call 03000 260 000 or visit

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