Survey works for possible Northern Relief Road

More and more residents are contacting us about the work going on around Brasside. This is work on behalf of the Council to help draw up plans for a possible Noerthewrn Relief Road. Below is a pic from a local resident and a response from Strategic Highways at DCC explaining what is going on.


Further to your recent phone call I am pleased to confirm the following in relation to the Northern Relief Road.

As you may be aware the consultation on the previous Durham Plan suggested that the construction of the Western Relief Road was sought early in the plan period with the Northern route sometime late. It was for this reason that design work was progressed to a higher level of detail on the western route whilst the northern was more in outline.

Whilst not confirming any changes to the next plan it would be sensible and opportune to have the northern route designed to the same level of detail. It is for this reason that we are currently completing a more detailed topographical survey and will be soon undertaking ground investigation works with boreholes and trial pits. The current work will allow a greater level of detailed design and certainty in any future consultation.

It is also the case that any funding opportunities that may arise nationally in the short to medium term would expect a level of detail which will be delivered by the ongoing commissions and without which we would be unlikely to be able to proceed.

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