Funds and projects update

As your County Councillors we have some funding each year for small groups in our area. If you know of any groups needing some help please get in touch with one of us.

Grants from £50 upwards can be considered. In the last year your three County Councillors have helped to support the following groups:

Summer festival for Durham Pathways

Fire and rescue service annual youth camp

Lumiere project with local schools

Durham Agency against crime environmental project

Durham City Remembrance parade

Womens institute community party

All Saints /Newton Hall Christmas tree

In addition we have helped to bring additional funding into the area and used Neighbourhood budgets to help support the cost of introducing the 20mph zones around schools so that all schools in our area are part of the scheme we secured.

We have also funded a large project to improve  Finchale Avenue in Brasside. The County Council hasn’t provided any funding for verge gardening projects for many years and the parking area is just a muddy mess.

A few years ago we did the first 50m. Now a further 150m is being fixed. Work has been delayed after we discovered NWL planned to dig up and replace the mains through the village, but should start in a few months time, significantly improving the look of the village.

A further project to provide a new parking area on Newton Drive is starting in the next few weeks. This has taken over a year to sort out, but we have managed to get the job done for thousands of pounds less than the original quotes by working with County Durham Housing Group.

We are currently looking at what works can be done around the area from our new budgets for 2018-19.






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