Commitment to renovate Abbey Leisure Centre changing rooms and showers secured – but still more questions to be answered

At yesterday’s cabinet I finally got the commitment I have been asking for for many years to the full renovation of the changing rooms and shower facilities at Abbey Leisure Centre.

For the past two years, I’ve pushed and had no positive response after the work was excluded from the plans for the Centre. Perseverance pays off!

However the commitment to keep a sauna/steam facility has not yet been given. This is a concern as for many people it is a facility which allows for conversational time with other users.

At a time when mental health issues are one of the biggest issues facing us as we come out of lockdown, it is essential that facilities like this are retained.

The work to renovate Abbey has again been kicked down the road though but the Labour-run council, with the final report not due until the end of the summer at the earliest. This is something I cannot accept and we will be pushing for the report to come forward much more quickly.

Residents have waited far too long for these improvements.

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