Telegraph Poles for Broadband update

During discussions last night about the installation of poles on specific streets in the Gilesgate area it became clear that the company is opting for a consulation approach with four possible outcomes.

  1. If the existing infrastructure, once reviewed, going underground without major works it will be used.
  2. If existing infrastructure cannot be used, residents will be consulted on a street by street basis. If people are happy with the poles they will be used.
  3. If residents are not happy they will be removed, however in this case it is likely that to get the superfast broadband there will be a connection charge to anyone wanting the superfast broadband in that street, which could be significant (up to £200 estimate). Some additional offers could be made such as longer fixed price contracts.
  4. If no one wants to pay this then the final option is that the company does nothing.

We have asked for meeting specific to our area to discuss individual streets, and have confirmation that everyone will be properly consulted and if the majority do not want poles it will not happen, however we need to address various questions about this option.

One thing which is clear is that any other company could come in at any time and if they wanted to install equipment regardless of public views which whilst unacceptable, is the law.

We will update again soon on progress with removal of existing poles and consultation.

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