Broadband update 4

This is the latest email we have received regarding broadband roll out – this one is specific to The Orchard but the principle applies elsewhere. Clearly there are still some issues to be dealt with regarding telegraph poles, since on many streets without poles, overhead cabling is prohibited by property deeds.

Back to the drawing board it would seem.


Upon initial discussions with Cllr Wilkes, we agreed that works would be placed on hold until the necessary communications had been completed, and that we had double checked the reports of existing ducting. 

We agreed that we would review the reports of an underground network to the The Orchards, and other areas of concerns that had been raised. I can confirm that this has been completed, and the network in the area is direct buried, which means we are unable to use this for access to the properties. My apologies for the confusion, as I appreciate this was advised by the contractors completing the installations. This has been handled accordingly. 

As we are unable to use existing infrastructure, the next step was communication to the residents. All residents will receive a letter of notice before the works take place.

We have addressed and apologised for the lack of initial contact as fully accept this was a mistake on our behalf, and do be assured it has been handled and actioned internally. 

Moving forward all residents in poled areas, will receive a letter from us prior to build commencing. I understand that contractors were working in the area this week, on the telegraph poles that have already been installed, and apologise for any confusion that this has caused. 

We want to use our investment to improve the connectivity for homes and businesses in County Durham, however the method of installation can be completed in many forms. Most of which would be repeated by other providers should they have chosen to connect the area. 

Due to the existing infrastructure, the best method of connection for your community is via overhead network. 

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