Three important decisions at next weeks Cabinet: DLI review, HQ review, Local Funding Boost

Despite the fact that the new joint administration has barely been in post for two weeks, we are already bringing forward some important reviews and changes.

Next week at Cabinet the following reports we have secured will be discussed and voted on:

  1. A full review of the previous Labour administration’s horrendous DLI decisions. This will include looking at the future options for the DLI collection and its storage as well as looking at the future options for the DLI museum building and the surrounding grounds. having been down to the site last week, I will be personally visiting the area again with officers of the council as I am really quite disgusted at the way in which the area has just been left. I’m certain there are some immediate works we can do to improve the visual appearance of the area, and I am keen to hear from residents with their thoughts.
  2. There will also be a full review of the options for the new County Hall building which is currently under construction in Durham City. Clearly the building will have to be completed, but there is nothing to stop us looking at what the buildings future operations should be, as well as re-looking at the future of the Aykley Heads employment site too.
  3. We will also be proposing to direct £1.26m of funding straight into our communities for Councillors to invest immediately in local priorities. This £10,000 per councillor boost should help our communities as we recover from Covid and make it easier for Councillors to get projects off the ground quickly. All too often money is promised, then doesn’t materialise. This money will be available immediately to improve every single part of the County, instead of sitting there waiting for reports or being bogged down by administration.

If there are specific priorities you have for our area (Brasside, Framwellgate Moor, Pity Me and Newton Hall), please do get in touch with your ideas.

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