Road and footpath works this year in our area

Across the area there will be patching work going on as usual throughout the year, however we have also been notified of the following work which is planned to imporve roads and footpaths in our area:

Alnwick Road (cul de sac), Newton Hall and Bishops Way in Pity Me will have a new surface put on top of the existing road.

Dryburn Park (main road) will see full carriageway work as will Carr House Drive.

Carlisle, Middleham Road and Bek Road are having some of their flagstone paths replaced. Work on Bek Road has already started.

Flagstone paths running from Priory Road across to Finchale Road which are in a really poor state will also be rebuilt with new bitmac surfaces.

We continue to push for more and better road and pavement repairs and replacement.

Work done is based on a variety of criteria, including the condition of the road or pavement, and the best resurfacing options based on the condition.

Let us know if there is a path or road you are concerned about. We regularly go round the area reporting issues.

We have noticed that Dryburn Hill, Dilston Road and Barrasford Roads are deteriorating quickly and work is needed on Featherstone Road too.

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