Inside the DLI

This week I finally got chance to see inside the DLI Museum, after several visits to the grounds area.

On first entering the building you think that it could be reopened relatively easily and doesn’t look too bad inside, but then you find out that the roof probably needs replacing, the boilers are completely shot and the drainage/sewer system also needs significant work.

Such a shame that Labour allowed the building to deteriorate. It was actually quite an emotional visit for me – seeing some of the displays still in place and thinking about just how strongly people felt about the closure and more importantly a reminder of just how much we owe to members of the Durham Light Infantry and those who came before and after.

The review of the future of the collection, building and grounds is being carried out over the summer with a report set to be brought to cabinet in September.

In the meantime, I would strongly recommend going down to see the site as it really is beautiful, even if its been allowed to be run down in places. We are currently working on and preparing to do some outdoor improvements like cutting back trees over paths and clearing rubbish.

There’s also a wonderful meadow on the other side of the main road in to the DLI, which is full of flowers – there’s an unofficial path through the trees to the train station, but watch for tree roots!

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