This is not Freedom from Masks Day in my opinion

Whilst I’m sure everyone is keen for things to get back to normal, at the moment while so many people are being pinged, and Covid rates are so high, stopping wearing masks in public places is not in my opinion a sensible thing to do. I would urge everyone to continue to wear masks until it is clear that Covid rates have fallen to acceptable levels.

Right now in our area, the figures show our Covid rate at 804/100k for Pity Me and Framwellgate Moor and 645/100k for Newton Hall. Whilst most people getting Covid at the moment are not getting really ill because they have had at least one jab, many people still are, and in addition, with so many people being Pinged this is having an impact on every business and an organisation across the whole county.

If too many people are isolating, being able to operate services becomes more difficult.

Keeping our masks on helps ensure all services can continue to operate, so for now I will continue to wear a mask in all places we were previously advised to.

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