Community Speedwatch and Speed surveys in Framwellgate Moor, Pity Me and Brasside

This morning I carried out speedwatches with the police in Framwellgate Moor and Pity Me. I had requested these after residents raised concerns.

In Pity Me, the formal speedwatch found 10 drivers out of 180 speeding who will receive warning letters from the police. This is at lower levels than previously recorded which is good, and suggests the cycle lanes and 20mph in Fram may have helped reduce speeds.

However our speed survey in the new 20mph zone on Framwellgate Moor Front Street was not as positive. A significant number of drivers were driving over 20mph. This will be fed in to our ongoing consultation on future regeneration of the Front Street as it is clear further measures are going to be required to get the speeds down to 20mph.

We urge everyone to cut their speeds and stay within the speed limits set. They are there for a reason.

Please also let us know what you would like to see improved on Framwellgate Moor Front St and at the other shopping areas at Beech Road, Priory Rd, Alnwick Road /Carr House Drive, and Canterbury Road,

Brasside Speedwatch

Yesterday the police carried out a speedwatch on Finchale Road into Brasside. Only two drivers in an hour period were recorded at 35mph or over, a significant reduction in speeding, almost certainly as a result of the new traffic lights we have had installed to improve pedestrian access. We will be feeding this information in to our Highways team as they consider the long term options for the lights.

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