Sniperley Development Plans – CDL LLP jump the gun!

Many residents may have received a leaflet from Co. Durham Land LLP in the last few days about a consultation on proposals for the development plans on the “Sniperley” area which were approved in the County Plan.

This development is subject to a requirement for a full master plan to have been drawn up and approved before planning applications are submitted.

As with Bellway, who are developing the remaining part of this site, Co. Durham Land LLP has jumped the gun.

With no master plan in place, no transport evaluation, nothing in effect available yet to view, I find it unacceptable for the developer to have commenced consultation. Indeed on their consultation site they are presupposing a whole raft of things.

I would urge residents to visit their website at and make it very clear that it is unacceptable to be jumping the gun like this. At the same time I feel it is worth making clear that this development must be a carbon neutral development with a full sustainable transport plan in place, something which they make no mention of in their leaflet.

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