Pity Me Planning Application thrown out by committee

The postage stamp piece of land at the entrance to Pity Me already has planning permission for five houses – over development in itself.

A new application came in for six houses. I asked for it to go to committee following more residents complaints to me and today attended and spoke against the application.

I have to say that I didn’t expect much, but was shocked to find a unanimous 11-0 vote against the application.

So once in a while spending hours preparing to challenge an application does pay off – although I imagine the applicant could chose to appeal the decision.

Still that’s one problem sorted for today at least.

And still we wait for action on Abbey Road

This photo from today. IMG_0569The black car is parked up, The others are all on the pavement. In the other direction cars parked for over 100m. How much longer must we wait for action.

All those who could deal with this now know about it: senior council officers, the portfolio holder, the police and crime commissioner and for that matter the press who I hope will embarrass someone into addressing this.




Fire station site development issues

A number of residents have contacted us recently about vibrations, dust and other issues from the work being done on the former fire station site in Framwellgate Moor. the new housing development will be started soon once the demolition and clearance has been completed.

We have been working with Environmental Health and Planning, and some dust reduction machinery was brought in. More recently there have been further complaints about vibrations from the work going on.

I have asked officers try and get the developer to install some vibration measuring devices. (more…)

Holmlands Crescent repairs carried out, more reported

holmlands crescent path repair

Picture of work done.

For some time I have been asking for this path to be fixed. Well perseverance pays off. This and other repairs I reported on Holmlands Crescent have been actioned. many more are still waiting to be done.

I have of course had to report more problems on this and other streets in the last few days including broken paving and kerbs, potholes, trip hazards and requests for resurfacing, including but not exclusive to Hudspeth Crescent, The Avenue, Durham Moor Crescent, Woodbine Road. More will no doubt follow in the coming days.

It’s just a shame the County Council isn’t more proactive. If it spent the money it had more efficiently and listened to Lib Dem councillors, a lot more work would get done, for a much lower price and repeat repairs wouldn’t be necessary. (more…)