Update September 2018

The County Counci is currently bringing together all of the comments from the County Plan with the expectation of the revised plan being released for final consultation in the next few months. Indications are that this will be brought to a December or January Cabinet meeting for the next round of consultation starting in early 2019.


Update June 2018

There are various updates in my blog about the new County Plan, including consultation dates and comments. Please make sure you make your views known on the Council proposals as soon as possible. There is more information at

The updates below predominantly relate to the old county plan which had to be scrapped and so whilst some comments and information will be relevant, I would recommend viewing my blog and the council’s website and attending consultation events instead.

UPDATE April 2017:

The County Plan is currently being revised by the Council and we expect the new plan to be released by the Council some time between June and August 2017. Once we have seen what they propose we will be letting residents know our views and how they an help challenge it if it continues to propose overdevelopment and destruction of the Greenbelt.


We have launched a petition against Options 1,2 and 3 of the County Plan. Help us get signatures.

You can sign the petition on the Council website at:

You can download paper copies here:

County Plan Petition 2016

Please get as many signatures as possible and return to us by the deadline.

The Council’s Option 1 for the future of Durham City over the next 17 years includes building 9000 houses including at least 5000 on the greenbelt. Options 2 and 3 are not much better, so we have a petition for an improved version of option 4:

    We the undersigned believe Options 1,2 and 3 of the County Durham Plan Issues and Options proposals will place unacceptable pressure on Durham City and the villages around it, damaging the Greenbelt and risking Durham’s unique status as a World Heritage City. Varying Option 4 to provide a more even spread of housing, with additional infrastructure, skills and investment to boost jobs and regeneration in all parts of County Durham would offer the best sustainable plan for the City and all of our County’s towns and villages.

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