We need everyone to support the mobile post office in the village until a new home can be found for a permanent service.

The mobile post office is open 9.30am to 12.30pm on Friday mornings outside Framwellgate Moor Community Centre. There’s plenty of parking round the back.

The more people use it the more it keeps the pressure on to get a full reinstatement.

We are still pushing for one of the local businesses to take on the service.


Head of Neighbourhoods sent this out earlier. A lot of work going in around the County.

Clean and Green

During the early hours of this morning we have attended several incidents relating to fallen trees.  In the north we attended to 2 trees that had fallen at Lumley, 1 at Nettlesworth, 1 at Durham (Carville) and 1 at Medomsley.  In the south 1 tree had fallen at Trimdon and 1 at Sedgefield.  All of the incidents are now complete.

This morning crews are currently responding to seven calls relating to fallen trees.  Incidents have been prioritised and crews are on site.

Refuse and Recycling

The windy weather is causing loose materials (such as recycling) to be blown about and in some instances bins to fall over.  Our clean and green teams are working with refuse to ensure any materials are cleared as far as possible, although this may take time. If it is collection day, residents are asked to ensure bins and boxes are secure as possible and once bins are emptied, if possible they should be taken back to properties.

Household Waste Recycling Centres

Tudhoe, Annfield Plain, Roman Way and Coxhoe sites are closed due to the windy weather.  Different sites may be affected during the day and we will keep the web page and Customer Services staff updated.

Buildings and Facilities Maintenance Service

Overnight B&FM had no  weather related call outs.

The Property Helpdesk has received 2 calls for assistance since opening at 8.00am.

Etherley Lane Primary – Tree blown down at entrance
West Rainton Fence – Wooden fence blown down

Highway Service

Highways Services had a limited number of calls relating to the high winds, the only call related to a tree down at Ouston which caused some property damage and was dealt with accordingly.   Emergency response teams remain on duty today to deal with any further issues.

There are currently no road closures as a result of the high winds. If the position does change this will be included in road closure updates on the Council website.

Street Lighting

Due to the high winds we have had one wood pole down and  a further incident of a tree blowing down bringing overheads down at the same location on the B6312, Woodland Terrace between Sacriston and Nettlesworth.

Further Updates:

Staff from across the services will continue to monitor and react accordingly, including out of hours through usual procedures.

Information will be posted on the Councils website:

If you wish to report an issue in your area please either contact us by telephone 03000 261000 or e-mail at


Road sweepers – help us get our area clean

We have requested road sweepers for many streets in the area over recent weeks, particularly in Pity Me and Framwellgate Moor. The Council appears to only do road sweeping these days when requested rather than proactively. It does seem though that when requests are made, the work gets done, although we do have to ask more than once sometimes.

If you notice any streets with a lot of leaves/dirt on the road or pavement, please let us know and we will request action. the sooner they are cleared the less chance of blocked drains and flooding, or accidents.

Framwellgate Moor Post Office update – Not looking good

The Post Office is still set to close on Dec 30th. From January 13th, a  mobile service looks set to operate at the front of the Community Centre but it will only be there for a few hours each Friday. Clearly half a day a week is not what anyone wants to see. We need a full time post office in Framwellgate Moor. As local Lib Dem councillors we will continue to try and find a solution but it is not looking good.

Rosemount area broadband update

Yet again I chased up all the relevant parties this week, speaking to and emailing BT Openreach, the Council, Northern Powergrid and the Arnison Centre owners and indirectly, their Lawyers.

In short, the current hold up has been between Arnison centre lawyers and NPG.

Having spoken to NPG today they have returned documents which once signed by either the lawyers or the Arnison Centre owners will allow Northern Powergrid to come on site and dig the trench to supply electric to the Broadband box.

I chased up the Arnison Centre owners today to ask them to push their lawyers to respond quickly.

Once they have signed and returned to NPG the docs, NPG will book in the work, which could be anything from 4-8 weeks before NPG are on site due to Christmas holidays etc and they can’t start earlier because we have now reached the busiest period for the Arnison Centre and the disruption to the HGV access and bus gate is not allowed.

Unfortunately, in addition a small part of the area to dig up is public highway so that needs approving via the council which is something else we are going to chase up.

From NPG completing the works, Openreach have now confirmed to me that it would only take them 2 weeks to have the box fully active.

So best case scenario is now February for go live.

Needless to say I’m not holding out much hope of that given all the previous promises from so many parties, but given we would probably be still be at least a year away from getting this sorted if we hadn’t been intervening, a few more months wait is better than the alternative.

We will continue to chase everyone we need to right through to a successful conclusion.

So now we wait to see how long the Arnison Centre and their Lawyers take to sign the docs and return them to NPG.

The clock is once again ticking………