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by Mark Wilkes on 6 October, 2014

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In the Shotton and South Hetton By-election, 164 people have had the chance to vote twice after the Council’s printers sent out two postal votes to 164 people. This is at least the second time there have been problems this year with elections in the County. Clearly it is time for another investigation before someone […]

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Visit Properties at: Vicarage Flats Brandon – 3 bed upstairs flat Cuthbert Av Sherburn Road – 3 Bed House Cypress Park Esh Winning – 1 Bed bungalow Green Crescent Coxhoe – 1 Bed Bungalow Ann Avenue Kelloe – 3 Bed House

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Our esteemed Labour-run council has refused a Lib Dem request to advertise the position of Chief Exec outside of the Authority. This was with the support of at least one of the independent group leaders and the Conservative group leader. Only the Lib Dems pushed for transparent process. I fail to understand what the council […]

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Our Labour-run council is planning to build some private housing which it will then rent out. Great on the face of it. But it will not allow anyone on a low income to rent the properties. Rents will be as much as £200 a month over the local housing allowance rate. I asked if after […]

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Council reserves rocket to £208 million

by Mark Wilkes on 15 July, 2015

I attended the Cabinet meeting today to challenge the Council on its finances. Total reserves have increased by £48.5m more than was predicted last April.  and by £24m more than was forecast back when this years budget was determined in March. This has now reached the point of lunacy. I am really surprised that the […]

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County Hall to be demolished

by Mark Wilkes on 7 July, 2015

The Council is planning to tear down County Hall. And have a slimmed down version. They want it in the City Centre. Not sure this is sensible given the horrendous traffic and pollution issues, but open minded to hear what they propose. Here is the email from the Chief Exec:   Dear colleagues   Next […]

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Milburngate Bridge closures

by Mark Wilkes on 1 July, 2015

Below is the press release from the County Council about the closures planned for Milburngate Bridge. We did raise a variety of issues and suggestions with the Council about this asking that they do more to help reduce traffic in the City centre during the repair works and to look on this as a possible […]

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Residents are being warned to be on their guard against rogue traders after a string of reports of doorstep crime. Up to 10 incidents have been reported to our consumer protection team and police in the last few weeks. Most have featured householders being offered bogus property improvement services, such as roofing and garden work […]

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It is increasingly annoying to see utility and other companies leaving our area looking a mess. They make huge profits, and as the example here on Dryburn Road shows, they are ruining grassed areas. The Council does’t seem to bother taking action until we intervene. Here, BT is parking regularly on the grass and has […]

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Petition to save the Human Rights Act

by Mark Wilkes on 27 June, 2015

Since the election, we have seen how a right-wing Tory Government will run our country without the Liberal Democrats to reign them in. There is no better example of this than their plans to ditch the Human Rights Act (HRA).Next week the Lib Dems are leading debates in Westminster about the Human Rights Act. So far, more […]

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