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by Mark Wilkes on October 6, 2014

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Cllr Mamie Simmons and I met today with a manager from the company which owns/manages the Arnison Centre. We have had a number of concerns going back to last year over various issues at the centre and were pleased that someone from London was willing to come up to discuss these issues. Briefly, we raised issues […]

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Labour’s School Budget Shame

by Mark Wilkes on March 8, 2015

Durham Council has invested just £2.5m of council money in council owned schools since 2010. This year it budgeted NOTHING! The Coalition Government on the other hand provided County Durham schools with £139m for school maintenance and repair since 2010. Labour insulted our children in their council budget by failing to invest in repairs. We put […]

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Labour’s County Plan in tatters – greenbelt saved

by Mark Wilkes on February 18, 2015

Last autumn, the draft County Durham Plan (CDP) had its examination-in-public. There were a huge number of objections over development in the green belt and challenges on so many other issues. Today the government inspector, Harold Stephens, delivered his DURHAM-COUNTY-COUNCIL-INSPECTORS-INTERIM-VIEWS-Stage-1-County-Durham-Plan-Examination-published-18.2.2015 The report essentially rips the plan to shreds. Mr Stephens says that he does not accept the […]

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Today, following about 20 hours of work investigating the councils new policy on 20mph limits around schools, I had to challenge the Labour-run Cabinet on the policy, in the interests not just of young people in the area I represent, but for all children across County Durham. Only 33 schools were to be included in […]

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Coop Bank Stress Failure

by Mark Wilkes on December 16, 2014

The Coop Bank has failed the Bank of England Stress test. Now that doesn’t mean we all need to run for cover, as residential customers are protected to the tune of tens of thousands of pounds in the event of a problem and it is highly unlikely that there will be a problem for the […]

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A resident contacted me this week to say that there was a fridge in the River Wear at Clements Wharf. They had contacted the Council who had then referred it to the Environment Agency, who said that they would not attend to it unless it was causing flooding. As the resident said “So much for […]

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Next week Durham County Council’s cabinet will discuss introducing 20 mph zones outside 33 schools in the County. We have over 200 schools in County Durham, and what they are proposing is woefully inadequate. We have been calling for 20mph zones on residential streets and outside schools for years, and I am quite frankly disgusted […]

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Don’t leave your car warming up in the morning

by Mark Wilkes on December 3, 2014

A lot of people pop out and start up the car to warm it up in the winter to clear the windows. In Stockton some vehicles have been stolen, so don’t leave your car warming up.

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At full council today it was confirmed that our campaign to make sure that staff get paid a decent wage has been rubber stamped. 2500 staff in schools and working for the council will get paid a minimum of £7.43 an hour.  For some staff this is a significant pay rise. As Lib Dem councillors […]

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Dog Fouling hits a brickwall – time to call up reserves

by Mark Wilkes on November 28, 2014

  For months, we have been trying to crackdown on dog fouling in the area. However, one particular canine reprobate has been running rings around the council. It might not seem such a big issue to some, but if a child happens to come into contact with dog mess, it can have serious health implications. […]

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