App to check if older or vulnerable people are OK at home

From DCC:

A new service has been launched to offer a little extra peace of mind to the relatives of older and vulnerable people in County Durham.

3rings is a mobile phone and PC app which lets people know when their relative is using an electrical appliance such as a kettle, television or washing machine.

The idea is to reassure people that their relative is up and well.

The app is being offered by Durham County Council through its Care Connect service.

Linda Ogilvie, Care Connect manager, said: “he app is a really simple, affordable way of offering people that little extra reassurance if their relative is older or vulnerable.

It will send live updates to your phone or PC to let you know when your relative is settling down to watch the TV, putting the kettle on for a cuppa or heating something in the microwave.

So if your dad usually uses the kettle between 7am and 9am, the app will send an alert letting you know whether or not this has happened, meaning you can rest assured that your loved one is up, active and well.

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