£16583 for Aykley Heads billboards

The two big signs out up at Aykley Heads / County Hall have cost the Council £16583.

I’m quite staggered that they would spend this kind of money for a number of reasons:

1. The county plan hasn’t been finalised and they are predetermining the outcome.

2. The new HQ proposals for the The Sands haven’t even gone to committee and so the COuncil doesn’t know how the committee will vote. If it was voted down they might have to consider building the new county hall at Aykley Heads, meaning the new signs would have incorrect information.

3. This is a lit of money for two signs.

4. None of the planning applications for the new office buildings on Aykley Heads have even been submitted yet by developers so again they are predetermining.

Finally, it sends a dreadful message to the public which wil leave many residents feeling that the Council are yet again acting in an arrogant manner, wasting taxpayers money.


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